You probably wonder, why this name (we always do).

‘mod’ is for modern in the terms of modern culture all around us. We insist on keeping up with contemporary reality of social media as a part of communication processes and of modern tools dedicated to make and to produce music in a totally modern way.

But all what is modern must stay in the balance with what is organic and natural – ‘Harmony’ stays for this inner layer of music made by humans through years, decades and ages. Please don’t misinterpret it – it won’t mean ‘world music’ – for us medieval folk and ’80 disco is absolutely the same.

We are modern – socially, culturally and from the perspective of tools that we are using.

We are organic and traditional – to emphasize pure joy of music: the joy of making, performing, being involved in music.

Of course, we are just few people, human beings who have their own limitations, taste and roots. Most probably our creativity will stay connected to rock music…

//modHarmony June 2015

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