Loose, flexible, not the form of a traditional band we are used to.

We want to act on the meta level to focus on music itself as we are not affraid of any musicointellectual challanges

Why this form? In a typical band each musician is an individualist who wants to fulfill his/her individual needs (emotional, esthetic, social and material), too much ego involved.

If an idea is close to our hearts – we will strive for expressing it in the music language, in style that fits best to what we would like to tell the world in this moment.

First comes an idea, then the core of the band agrees to engage in it, then we decide about form, then we ask our friends to be involved.

Of course many extremely different ideas come to our minds each – we sort them, we deliberate upon them, we cry or laugh at them. And the ones that amuse us most – we dive deeply into.

//modHarmony July 2015

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